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(and what I learned from them)

In a year, in which we all had to spend way more time at home than we wanted to, I had a lot of time to read. Among the many interesting books I read this year, these five really stood out. The below are not meant to be exhaustive reviews or full summaries, but rather outlines of what these books are all about, why I loved them and in particular what I learned from them.

1. The Silk Roads — Peter Frankopan

(Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015)

Carbon Offsets

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Carbon Offsets — A Guide for Frequent Flyers

I have a confession to make: I am a frequent flyer. I love traveling the world, visiting new countries, learning about their histories, and experiencing their cultures. Nothing inspires me more than exploring the most remote corners of the globe and seeing its stunning beauty with my own eyes. I am rarely happier than when I sit at the gate waiting to get on a plane that will take me to a new destination far away. I have set foot on all seven continents, I have visited 93 countries thus far and I am not nearly done. …

Georg Gandenberger

I am a middle aged nomad and travel blogger, writing about travel, environmental issues, science, economics and anything that interests me.

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